The Party’s Over: Obama, Legality and Morality

24 Jan

It’s hard nowadays to see Obama without a teleprompter telling him what he thinks– oh, I mean, ‘what to say.’ His handlers have worked hard to ensure that he stays on script, and this is especially true with regard to the party line on liberal causes like abortion.

I really do hate to be divisive, but I must.

I have a beef with the Left about the late-Friday-afternoon policy implemented by Camp Obama to kill the Mexico City Policy which was designed to keep U.S. Tax Money (part of it “mine”) from helping promote and fund the ghastly and barbaric act of abortion. Here’s more information on the situation.

So that’s what this is about… but before I make mention of my main point, I should deal with a couple of side issues as I’m often wont to do.

The background on all of this is that I am compelled to voice my opposition to the Obama Administration today in the interest of truth. That’s because Truth means more to me than maintaining superficial, flimsy “peace.”

Yes, sure, it would be easier to say nothing and crawl under a rock. After all, people “like you” when you go along with anything they want. You’re a hero when you’re everybody’s door mat.

Everyone loves a jellyfish. They’re cute and soft… but, ouch! What a sting they can produce! Yes, peace is more comfortable than confrontation. Being agreeable is the new ethic. It’s the New Golden Rule. Politeness is more important to the average person than nearly any character trait or conviction. But the truth is that such “peace,” however warm and fuzzy, isn’t the genuine article. No, this isn’t about peace– it’s actually about an acquiescence of one’s principles… and that’s something I’m not quite yet ready to surrender. I’m a man who has been pushed too far. On the issue of abortion and being indirectly forced to help finance it– I’m simply not ready to make nice.

In light of this, Pro-Obama pundits and, well, “Obama Fans” (fans coming from the root word “fanatic”) generally want those with alternative views on certain matters to be silent. More bluntly, many want people like me to simply “shut up”– especially about abortion. This is one of those rare issues when “Freedom of Speech” becomes more of a nuisance than an unalienable right. Yes, it’s curious how pro-life foes quickly want to engage in censorship when it comes to the voice of opposition or the Voice of Truth on issues of a moral and ethical nature.

And, sadly, that even includes some fellow Christian believers who have fallen under the sway of Obama’s powerful dynamism. This propaganda-like, and seemingly brainwashed loyalty is one so powerful that many otherwise good-thinking people are able to turn a blind eye to ideologies and principles that I find appalling. Even some Obama-supporting-Christian believers (many of them my good friends) are almost TOO WILLING to look the other way about this issue of abortion, and many others too numerous to mention. But I cannot.

But, even as I say that, I know that the abortion issue isn’t “convenient,” and many wish it would just go away– because the new President is so likeable. But the issue is not going away… at least not until blood thirsty proponents of “Choice” stop the heinous practice and “choose” to honor responsibility over convenience– which is what most abortions are really about. Abortion is GENERALLY about freedom from moral responsibility. In some cases, it is about the eradication of the evidence of peoples’ illicit behavior in an attempt to subvert the consequences of persons’ actions. Ironically, abortion removes the effect of this behavior, but never the cause.

So, no, however disappointing to some of my Obama-supporting friends and other pro-abortion advocates, I cannot in good conscience stand by silently when the core foundations of my personal convictions as a human being are under relentless attack. What can I say? It’s a dangerous thing to violate one’s conscience and render himself a reprobate– unable to even discern the difference between right and wrong. So in the interest of preserving my own moral integrity, I speak.

Lest I’m Misunderstood: Where I’m Coming From

Though this blog may not sound like it, I am generally an agreeable person. I DO care about how I am perceived. I have absolutely no interest in hurting my own credibility after working so hard for so long to build it. But in the current situation, I consider it immoral and unbiblical NOT to speak out against Obama’s move today to further soften our cultural resolve against the murder of the innocents. In many places in scripture, speaking up for the unprotected and disenfranchised is considered a just cause and an act of virtue. It is in that vein that I write.

With that long introduction, here’s what this is about.

I grieve over the fact that (as one of my friends reminded me on Facebook) some 50 Million unborn human babies have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs, at the directive of the women whose bodies (and, usually, actions) produced them.

That’s a travesty. It is a miscarriage of justice.

It wasn’t enough for Obama that 50M abortions have taken place since Roe v. Wade exactly 36 years and one day ago. Nevermind that Roe herself regrets her decision and part in the original case.

I am also appalled this evening that Obama would wait until late Friday afternoon (the end of the business week) to sign away the Mexico City Policy, so it would be buried in evening news casts, as most stations would be unable to turn the story around for the broadcast. Obama’s act was and is one of cowardice. It’s offensive to me personally, and it is the ultimate of partisanship… and I thought we were past party politics now. Oh well, I guess not.

My final and main point is this. Only a couple of days into the Obama regime, I am not encouraged. First the confirmation of some questionable administrative officials. Then the (against-conventional wisdom) decision to close Guantanamo without any plan whatsoever of what to do with those men… except possibly to turn known terrorists loose in American Prisons, with the possibility of them being released into the American public (the very place they’d like to be in the first place). And now this… Removing certain restrictions that make abortions more readily available and that, in my estimation, further exploit poor women who have them. So, what a way to start. The party’s over.

In closing, I know that some people might say “but abortion is legal” so why not let it be readily available, without restriction and on demand. Simply because I do not personally equate MORALITY and LEGALITY. They are not one and the same.

Legality is simply what a given culture relativistically establishes as a more’. Morality transcends mere legality. Ironically, some things in our culture are legal and moral. Other things are immoral and illegal. Other things are illegal, but moral. But in this case, abortion is immoral, but LEGAL. That’s why equating legality and morality in one’s mind is so dangerous.

Legalizing evil doesn’t make it good. Evil it remains.


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