Top 25 North American Travel Experiences I Wish Everyone Should Have, Part 1 (the first ten are in this post)

21 Apr

I posted this recently on Facebook but thought it required photos to make it come alive.

(hint: click the pic for a more inspiring size photo)

1. Take in an afternoon game at Wrigley in the summertime

2. Be in Detroit during the height of Red Wings Hockey

3. Taste of Chicago festivities, early July in Chicago

4. Experience Canada Day in Montreal or Ottawa

5. Stay in Old Quebec City near the Parc des Champs-de Bataille and Chateau Frontenac (wow!)

6. See the cliff divers, from the water, in Acapulco

7. Tour and climb the City of the Gods at Teotihuacan, Mexico

8. Do New Year’s Eve in Times Square (2x, 1999 and 2001)

9. Visit the museum and memorial and comemmorate the victims of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City (the Gates of Time, shown)

10. Spend Independence Day in Washington, D.C.

As soon as possible, I’ll post my remaining 15 of the top 25 of my favorite North American travel experiences. For now, I hope you enjoyed the trip.


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