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Becoming Globally Involved as a Christian or Ministry: (You and Possibly Your Church)

12 Sep

Ethiopian Jimma Crisis Management






My friend and a doctoral candidate here at the Talbot School of Theology, Woyita Olla, is the Deputy General Secretary for Ethiopia’s largest evangelical Christian denomination, which is a network of over 8000 churches with millions of members.
These churches have suffered a great number of church burnings and persecutions as a result of attacks by Muslim extremists due to the evangelistic fervor and effective church planting done by Woyita’s organization.

If you are thinking about supporting a ministry internationally OR are considering taking a church or ministry group to Africa or internationally in the months or years to come, let me commend Woyita and his organization to you.


They can be contacted at:


Phone: 251-911218617 /251-115534900

Fax: 251-11-551-2763

E-mail: ekhc-spiritual@ethionet. et