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The New spyPhone 5 from Apple: I’ll Pass

11 Sep


The “S” in iPhone 5S stands for “Spy.”  This is a complete #iPhoneFail.  Apple may have made a big mistake with its latest iPhone (spyPhone) offerings.  (Yeah, that’s original with me–  the Apple “spyPhone” 5S).


In a day of NSA snooping and data collection of all people’s phone metadata, I’m not so sure the average American will want their ACTUAL fingerprint stored permanently and associated with a particular device, along with everyone they talk to, so that the government (and Apple) can exploit that information to its own ends. 


The phone company and government will be able to– and no doubt take advantage of the ability to– triangulate that information to know what you are doing (through fingerprinting good enough to stand up in court) and where you are (through GPS location services) literally around the clock.  

Think about that.

This fact may give even the most devoted Apple Fan Boys pause.  As soon as a person (like YOU) applies their own fingerprint to that device, the government and Apple will have more predictive powers over your behaviors than have ever been granted by any such agreement you’ve ever clicked.  The company and government will quickly collect enough data that it knows you better than you know yourself.  I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.  Just seeing these photos makes me feel like I’m at a police precinct being fingerprinted. 


I want to generate conversation around this issue– so I’m going to keep it short.  Your imagination, thinking through these issues I’ve raised, is better than my commentary. 

Thanks Apple, but I’ll pass. 

What thoughts does the new spyPhone 5S raise in your mind?  What do you think?